What is the Tyre Industry Federation?

British Tyre Manfacturers’ Association

The BTMA represents the UK interests of tyre manufacturers that are active in the UK market and have production facilities in the UK and Europe. Its members include many of the largest and best – known global tyre brands

website: www.btmauk.com

Imported Tyre Manufacturers Association

The Imported Tyre Manufacturers’ Association exists to represent the interests of international tyre manufacturers actively and directly engaged in marketing their products in the United Kingdom and the European Community.

Website: www.itma-europe.com

National Tyre Distributors Association

The NTDA is a democratically constituted trade association run by a full time directorate in Aylesbury, Bucks. It exists solely for the benefit of its members, and has a number of prime objectives which guide its strategic direction and activites.

website: www.ntda.co.uk

Retread Manufacturers Association

The Retread Manufacturers Association (RMA) is the nationally recognised trade association for UK manufacturers of commercial vehicle and passenger car retreaded tyres.

The RMA’s main function is to lobby Government on behalf of its members on matters which can effect the retreading industry. Through BIPAVER (The European Association for Tyre Retailers and Retreaders) the RMA is in a position to influence Government at a European level on all matters relating to retreading.

website: www.retreaders.org.uk

Tyre Recovery Association

The TRA was born out of a common sense of purpose and professionalism in which united its members.

All TRA members are fully accredited by the Tyre Industry Federation’s Responsible Recycler Scheme, which guarantees that all tyres collected, recycled or reprocessed by them are disposed of or reused in an environmentally friendly or acceptable method.

website: www.tyrerecovery.org.uk

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