Used Tyre Recovery

An introduction to applicable regulations in England and Wales

This document provides an introduction to regulations regarding used tyres. It is the fruit of collaboration between Government and Industry Associations. Its purpose is to support improved understanding by businesses of the practical impact of regulations applicable to used tyres. It also provides a complement to guidance issued to enforcement officers.

This document contains important information for all those involved with used tyres in the UK.

Retailers • Vehicle dismantlers • Used tyre collectors • Processors • Importers Exporters • Enforcement officers • Customs officers • Border Force personnel

Waste poses a threat to the environment and to human health if it is not managed properly. Conversely, responsible waste husbandry supports the development of a more sustainable economy. Regulations establish a framework for the appropriate management of waste and provide redress against those who persistently choose not to comply.

The recovery of used tyres is both an opportunity and a challenge. Used tyres are potentially a valuable resource for reuse, retreading or other recovery processes according to their condition. In the case of reuse particular rigour is necessary since tyres are a safety- critical element of every vehicle on the road. Over the years a body of legislation has built up to address these different issues. This document aims to identify the principal obligations relating to used tyres and how to comply with them.

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